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The History of Logo Design: Are They Just Passing Trends?

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The History of Logo Design: Are They Just Passing Trends? from Jason Hill


Logos act as the primary visual representation of a brands general meaning and thus, can shape their reputation along with customers' attitudes; whether it's as simple as a symbol, the name of the company, or a combination of the two. This research project investigates the details of logo design history and how they are frequently changing based on social, economic and environmental factors. There are a few scholarly articles which focus on the psychology of logo design, and how successful logos are made, however there is a gap regarding how logo design has been influenced by the factors mentioned above. This paper may benefit a variety of people from different fields, however would be best suited to graphic designers, marketing agencies and businesses. A combination of a systematic literature reviews, and real case studies has formed the basis of this research paper. Information was gathered primarily using JCU's OneSearch facility, ensuring that high quality, peer-reviewed sources were used. This information was then supported by case studies, with logos being sourced from popular sources online. The results of this research paper were also translated into a variety of creative works. A collection of infographics, videos and a website are publicly available for those interested in learning more about logo design and its history. The results of this study revealed that certain logo design trends such as Modernism and Swiss Typography can stand the test of time, with fundamentals and concepts still being implemented today. However more radical designs such as the over stylised logos of the 2000s and the dated Art Nouveau themes are often short lived. It can be concluded that logo designs to come are most likely going to be influenced by past trends, with minor adjustments based on current social, economic and environmental issues. Literature reviews and case studies proved to be the best method of discovering this information.